About The Play Yard Independence Day Yard Sales

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The Play Yard Yard Sale event is an avenue to de-clutter your home of all the outgrown children’s clothing, shoes, bags, car seats and prams and make a little extra money while browsing for steals for your little angels.

The Play Yard will promote the event and our sales representatives will handle all sales on your behalf leaving you free to shop and play with the kids! All sales accounts will be reconciled at the earliest possible time and settled once all buyer payments have cleared into The Play Yard Account. What’s more? You do not pay any commission on any items sold!

How it works

  1. Fill the form above if you want more information and our representative will get back to you.
  2. Register as a seller by clicking ‘Pay Now Via Paystack’ below to pay just NGN2,500 for the category your items fall under. (You can register for multiple categories!).
  3. Label all your merchandise with your Unique Seller’s Code and your preferred Selling Price using removable tags or paper tape for easy accounting.
  4. Print out the stock list format from the email sent to you and list all the items you wish to sell.
  5. Show up with the kids on the day of the event along with all your merchandise.
  6. Hand over your items to our receiving manager and collect a signed copy of your stock listing.
  7. Do some shopping or just try out any of The Play Yard’s activities with your kids while our sales agents handle the sales of your merchandise.

Make quick Payment!

For more info please call: 08172842151 or 09036232337

Pay now via paystack

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there opportunities for partnership for events?

A: Yes.  We are open to discuss collaborations, just call: 08172842151 or 09036232337